Ruth Thomas-Edmond and Peter Trevelyan
Built drawings 17 July - 18 August 2012

Drawing and sculpture are intertwined in the practices of the two artists in this exhibition and both produce elegant, refined works, which speak to the world's structures but also to fragility and ethereality.

Patient careful craftsmanship, the slow meticulous creation of form through the assemblage of repeated elements and an interest in the architecture of space are also characteristics in common.

Peter Trevelyan's work is grounded in his interest in the history of mathematics and Euclidian geometry. His pieces transit from antiquity (with his representation of the Platonic solids) through to future focused nanotechnology suggested in his Buckyball and in his own exploration of form in the large untitled composition. These ideas are cleverly reinforced materially with the sculptures, 'drawn' in fine pencil lead, glued together.

Exquisite enough in themselves, it is once the viewer becomes cognisant of the materials employed that the response can only be one of astonishment. Peter Dornauf, eyecontactsite.com

In this exhibition, Thomas-Edmond ventures for the first time into collage and to the use of vinyl as her material of choice, while continuing the investigation of form that is inherent in her painting, drawing and sculptural practice. While these works may on first glance appear to speak to colour-field painting of the mid 20th century, they do not turn their back on the world. Here her vinyl cuts out both follow rigid rules and journey to non-predetermined destination that references constructed form and 3D reality.

Both artists are Wellington based and have built up solid exhibition histories with several public gallery shows and commissions including Prospect (Trevelyan) and The Obstinate Object (Thomas-Edmond) at City Gallery Wellington this year,
Ruth Thomas-Edmond studied at the University of Auckland Elam School of Fine Arts. Since completing her Masters degree in 2005, she has taught at Elam and the Manukau School of Visual Arts.

Peter Trevelyan graduated with a BFA from Ilam School of Fine Arts, University of Canterbury in 2000. He completed his MFA at Massey University's School of Fine Arts in 2008. He has worked as a high school art teacher and and is currently undertaking a PhD.

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Artist: Peter Trevelyan
Mysterium cosmographica
year: 2011
size: approx 50mm diameter
media: 0.5mm graphite, rimu