Mary-Louise Browne
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Blue eyed
year: 2011
size: 280 x 350 mm
media: Acrylic on Leather

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Exhibitions by Mary-Louise Browne
mary-louise browne
white satin 13 june - 7 july 2018

mary-louise browne
15 june - 9 july 2016

mary-louise browne, maria colls, claudia jowitt, kazu nakagawa
just the right white
3 - 27 february 2016

mary-louise browne and megan jenkinson
double vision 16 july - 9 august 2014

mary-louise browne
the conversation
28 february - 25 march 2012

mary-louise browne
13 july - 7 august 2010

mary-louise browne, elliot collins, roger mortimer, aimee-rose stephenson
words walking 2 march - 1 april 2010

mary-louise browne
please please me
27 january - 21 february 2009

Mary-Louise Browne is a sculptor of words - she has been working at the forefront of text-based conceptual practice in New Zealand for over 30 years. Using text in lieu of imagery, her work speaks to the visual while refusing the prevalence of images and their authority over contemporary imagination. She explores the metaphoric, material and visual qualities of language in a range of media including neon, granite, glass, metal, canvas, leather and paper.

In her work, found texts - mottoes, maxims, instructions, movie or song lines - are represented and given new form and context. The works challenge conventional readings and demonstrate how apparently simple words can have multiple layers of meaning. There is a delight in the double entendre and the clash of media and meaning, high art and the signwriter's craft.

Much of her work investigates the nature of art itself and the role of the viewer in 'reading' and interpreting an artwork. The big questions that she explores are handled with a playful lightness, warmth, wit and irony.

Mary-Louise Browne is an established artist with an impressive history of exhibitions and permanent public art works including 'Byword', 2006, a series of nine stone benches running the length of Lorne Street in Auckland and 'Body to Soul', 1996, a monumental stone staircase in Wellington's Botanical Garden. Browne graduated with a Master of Fine Arts degree with First Class Honours in sculpture from the Elam School of Fine Arts at the University of Auckland in 1982.