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Oppenheim Lake

Kate Woods outside in Auckland and inside the galley in Wellington

Kate Woods is currently showing new work in our 'Contemplating the Marvellous: Constructed Photography' group show. If you're in Auckland, take a drive to Pakuranga to check out her work on a grand scale: the Te Tuhi billboard project (until 20 June). You can also read a review of the work at: http://eyecontactsite.com/2010/05/sighting-a-non-site



The Rapture, 2009

“When Botticelli sailed to Taranaki”

That's the title John Hurrell gives his review of Roger Mortimer's "jewel-like" paintings.... "Not only is the work oddly surreal, varied in references and humorously startling but it is also very physical. The delicate colour glows as if the liquid translucent hues have been applied to metallic sheets. The varnish covered painted surface has a highly reflective gloss which brings a delicate but gorgeously diffuse golden quality to the light. This makes the image slightly immaterial or ethereal."
You can read the full review at: http://eyecontactsite.com/2010/06/when-botticelli-sailed-to-taranaki
Auckland Art Gallery curator Mary Kisler also talked about Mortimer's work on Radio New Zealand. You can listen here: sat-20100619-0945-Art_with_Mary_Kisler-048.mp3

EyeContact's new website. Read the review here LINK or pop into the gallery to see Roger's work in stock (or you can view them online).




Elliot Colllins at City Gallery Wellington

New gallery artist Elliot Collins features prominently in the exhibition Ready to Roll at City Gallery Wellington with this impressive new site specific wall work. Ready to Roll runs until September.
Curator Heather Galbraith says: Elliot Collins' text-based paintings whisper secrets and observations that most people and artworks have learnt to keep to themselves. Putting a new twist on diaristic or autobiographical painting, Collins's works are equal parts brave, hilarious, earnest, melancholic, embarrassing, strident and poetic.


Mihaia, 2010

Brett Graham in Biennale of Sydney

Brett Graham made this impressive near life size carved tank 'Mihaia' (messiah) specifically for the exhibition. It's on the ground floor of the MCA, alongside Te Hokioi which is on loan from Auckland Art Gallery. The work continues Brett's exploration of power relations and colonial history seen in his exhibition 'Searching for Tangaroa' in the gallery in October 2009.



Vanishing Point, 2010, oil on canvas, 1220 x 1370 mm

Listen to Maryrose Crook on National Radio

Maryrose 'played favourites' with Kim Hill on Saturday morning 5 June and talked about her art and her music. Here is the link for the podcast:



andre hemer on the street in christchurch

Andre recently completed this installation on the exterior wall of the Christchurch Art Gallery



andre hemer in sydney

The work pictured is from a solo show Andre Hemer currently has at Peloton Gallery in Sydney - its great to see how his work continues to evolve



art into architecture

Art and architecture have come together in the summer 2009 retrofit of the arts lectures theatres at Auckland University to create stunning and ground-breaking bicultural spaces for learning. Brett Graham was commissioned to work with the architects to integrate art into the project and the sculptor has had to become painter to realise his vision which draws on his knowledge of traditional learning and more contemporary local art histories. Imagery and whakatauki (proverbs) work together in what is bound to become an acclaimed and distinctive project. As the builders were still onsite when we visited, the image is a detail from the installation.



Congratulations Anne Noble

Wellington photographer Anne Noble has won one of the Art Foundation's prestigious 2009 Arts Laureate Awards. Her November 2009 exhibition The Colour of Gold (which can be seen on the exhibitions page of this website) shows the qualities that have led to the award and that attract so much international attention. The exhibition also includes the dramatic new image Spoolhenge - this photograph of cable spools in the snow on a sunny day in Antarctica works like so much of Anne's photography to disrupt what we might expect to see and to make us think not just about whatever it is she is photographing but photography and how it operates in the world.


Matanima, 2008

Arts Pasifika Awards 2009

Tongan master craftsmen, Sopolemalama Filipe Tohi has received the Senior Pacific Artist Award worth $10,000 in the Creative New Zealand Arts Pasifika Awards 2009. His work is based upon the traditional art of lalava, the ancient Pacific Island lashing used on houses, canoes and tools before the introduction of Western materials. His contemporary sculpture weaves past and present, Polynesian and western art, to create distinctive new forms that speak to as much to geometric abstraction as to his own heritage. Please enquire if you are interested in the sculpture pictured.



New public art in Auckland

Mary-Louise Browne was commissioned to produced this work for upgrade of St Patrick's Square, home to St Patrick's Cathedral in the heart of Auckland. The brief was to create an urban oasis and a place of respite from hustle and bustle of the city. Mary-Louise has called the work Font.



Photography at Connells Bay Sculpture Park

Anne Noble's photograph Spool Henge, South Pole Antarctica was chosen from 32 proposals for the photographic billboard at Connells Bay Sculpture Park, Waiheke Island.


Mesne, 2009

Roger Mortimer finalist in Wallace Art Awards

Congratulations to Roger who has become a finalist in these sought-after awards with this painting. The Wallace Art Awards are on show in Wellington at TheNewDowse until late January.



First gallery catalogue

We are very proud of the catalogue produced to accompany Marcia Lyons' exhibition Emergent Submersives. It is the first of what we hope will be a regular publication programme for the gallery. I have written an introduction and it features an essay on Marcia's work by Wellington artist, video maker and academic John di Stefano. The catalogue, which comes with an audio CD of the whale sounds, is a limited edition of 100 and copies are available from the gallery.


Aniwaniwa 01 Tikouka

Gallery artists in AC/DC

Mary-Louise Browne, Brett Graham and Rachael Rakena feature in this exhibition curated by Andrew Clifford, which runs until 3 October. "AC/DC is a high-voltage exhibition of switched-on art that explores the social, corporate and political power structures which inform the ways we think about and use energy."
It's great to see Brett Graham and Rachael Rakena's Aniwaniwa stills getting another showing. The full range of these images can be viewed on our website under Exhibitions.




Rachael Rakena video to show in China

Rachael's newest work He Waiata Whaiaipo which showed in the gallery in May is now showing at Pataka Art Museum in Porirua and has already had an international exhibition in China.
The exhibition received a great review in May:
These new, seductively-simple moving image works are arguably the best work of hers I've seen… Rakena seduces with high-end, high definition gloss, but this is meant as no criticism. There's a distinct echo in this luxuriant approach of some of the best work of fellow Dunedin artist Ralph Hotere. Rakena recognises that care for technique is as important in film as in painting… Rakena's positioning and study of her subject in space and time however is as sensitive and rich as a dramatically lit Caravaggio… Rakena's interest in water and motion and their exquisite treatment is reminiscent of the large poetic ritualistic works of celebrated American video artist Bill Viola. Like Hotere and Rakena's past work, this is art concerned with our closeness to water, the fluidity of this relationship, and the preciousness (with every smack of the lips) of kaimoana. Rakena's veneration of the act of eating gives it and the food of the ocean respect… The work makes you appreciate that this is as sophisticated an act of eating as it is filmmaking. The works all beg to be placed on a wall at the head of long dinner tables, to accompany the chatter of the most sumptuous and over dressed dinner parties.
Mark Amery, in The Dominion Post, 10 June 2009


Paintball for 2009

Andre Hemer goes global!

Andre is currently living and painting in Seoul on a three month Atelier 54 residency hosted by Paik Hae Young Gallery and supported by ASIA: NZ. During his time in Korea he has a solo exhibition at Take-Out Drawing, Seoul, and will show work in a group show at Atelier 54 and at the KIAF 09 – the Korean International Art Fair in Seoul. From October to January he is in Berlin on the GlogauAIR Residency, supported by CNZ.

We have noticed interest growing steadily in Andre's work and he has work in several important collections nationally and internationally. There was a lot of interest in his work at the Auckland Art Fair; two medium-sized painting went to a collector in the U.S. earlier this year and the Te Manawa Art Society acquired a large painting for the Te Manawa collection. If you are looking for something in particular please don't hesitate to contact us.



The Polar Sea (Antarctic aquarium, Nagoya, Japan), 2004

Antarctica at the Tauranga Art Gallery

A broader range of Anne Noble's Antarctic work is included in this exhibition alongside work by Joyce Campbell and Connie Samaras. All three artists seek to "de-exoticise a landscape that has been romanticised, idealised, and made epic." We have a wide range of Anne's Antarctic images available. The image opposite is one of my personal favourites from this series.
Anne will have a solo exhibition in the gallery in November
Images from Noble's Antarctica project can be viewed on her artist page


Deep field # 3, Antarctica

New work from Anne Noble

We were delighted to be able to release three new images from Anne Noble's ongoing Antarctica project at the Auckland Art Fair. Anne revisited Antarctica at the end of last year after winning a highly sought-after United States National Science Foundation Artists and Writers Award. (She was the only Award winner from outside the US and one of only seven recipients from 90 applicants.) Her work expands our understanding of this continent by making us think both about the reality of it and about how we imagine and come to visualise places, such as this, which most of us never visit. These images clearly demonstrate why she is one of New Zealand's most pre-eminent photographers. She says of her work: At the heart of my project is a desire to disturb the way Antarctica is imagined and represented. I am not interested in recreating the kinds of photographs of Antarctica that we already know.



Auckland Art Fair

12,000 visitors to the Auckland Art Fair made a very positive statement about the level of interest in the visual arts in New Zealand. And the art itself made a wonderful statement about the quality and vitality of art being produced in this part of the world. We were very pleased to be part of it and delighted with the great response to our stand and being picked out in the National Business Review as one of the stands worth a look.