There is something seeing and there is something being seen | 13 July - 6 August 2016

With what has become a signature mark, Ruth Thomas-Edmond's soft brush stokes, daubs of paint, gently, meanderingly repeat and accumulate, constructing two and three dimensional patterns and forms that slip between the familiar and the edge of memory.

Overlapping strokes and transparent overlays create a sense of veiled vistas and a dual sensation of under-painting looking out and passersby glimpsing something not quite obscured.

Ruth's titles, drawn from proverbs and fortune cookies, operate, with the artworks, to suggest and lightly play with the human desire to make sense of what we see and experience in the world. That might begin, she says, "with the kind of experience we have with an artwork that is evocative, or reaches back into our memory in a sensory way like the feeling of a colour, a room, a smell; things that blur and shift but stay with us and feel important or meaningful...."

This exhibition comprises large and small paintings on paper and painted cardboard sculptures.

Wellington based, Ruth has a Master of Fine Arts from the Elam School of Fine Arts. She has been painting, exhibiting and teaching for over a decade. This is her second solo exhibition in the gallery. Public exhibitions include Solo 2014 at the Dowse Art and How to Fall in 2013 and The Obstinate Object in 2012 at City Gallery Wellington.

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Installation view
year: 2016