Andrew Kennedy, Simon Mark, Ryan McCauley and Nina van der Voorn
Four takes: four photographers | 21 August - 15 September 2012

In our visually saturated world when almost everyone is merrily snapping and sharing images, what do fine art photographers bring to their images? What are they seeking to say and how do they capture our attention? This exhibition presents the work of four emerging photographers as a means of addressing these questions.

ANDREW KENNEDY directly addresses the difficulties facing contemporary photography and these issues, which he describes as an exploration of 'anxious production', can be seen as his subject. Kennedy is currently studying towards a Masters of Fine Arts at the University of Auckland following a decade of working and exhibiting as a photographer.

RYAN MCCAULEY has turned to the pinhole technology of photography's early days to draw attention to the camera's role as an aid to memory. His pinhole images stand in a space between reality and memory that is both familiar and remote. McCauley is currently undertaking a Masters in Fine Arts at Massey University Wellington.

SIMON MARK zooms in on the details of the everyday to play on the border of representation - his subjects are the overlooked, the mundane, the colourful and the underappreciated. With almost painterly abstraction, his work challenges conventional notions of photographic composition. Mark has a PhD in cultural diplomacy and a Postgraduate Diploma in Fine Arts from Massey University.

NINA VAN DER VOORN creates fictional scenes employing conventions associated with authenticity to make us actively aware of photography's problematic relationship with truth. For her photography is a medium where evidence may be constructed to expose a personal narrative or commentary. Van der Voorn has a Bachelor of Photographic Design (Hons) from Massey University.

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Four takes: four photographers
year: 2011