Free form | 4 - 29 October 2011

This exhibition brings together three artists whose work explores our interaction with the built environment and with architecture. All foray into the fantastical to suggest ideas about the psychology of architectural space and its impact on human experience. Here imagination triumphs over function to create spaces for contemplation rather than machines for living.

Simon Esling's exquisitely rendered drawings present the body as integral to the making of architectural building. The grafting of bones with houses suggests an uneasy tension between nature and the manmade world. Auckland based, Simon has a Master of Fine Arts from University of Auckland and is included in the Warwick Brown Book, Seen this century: 100 contemporary New Zealand artists where his work is described as "always fresh and surprising".

Kerry Ann Lee generates a pop sensibility in her digital montage prints which explore place-based identity through fantastic and re-imagined urban forms. The new works in this exhibition based on New Zealand buildings and landscapes, build on her earlier well-received deconstructions of landmark works of contemporary Chinese architecture. Lee, who has a Masters in Design from Massey University, has exhibited in New Zealand, Australia, China and the United States.

Tim Thatcher's gouache paintings capture some of the haunted ambience of the cityscapes of the Surealist painter De Chirico. They explore the architecture of the artistic mind, in which forms and narratives come into being through a process of imagination, self-doubt and self-criticality. Tim Thatcher, who has a Master of Fine Arts with First Class Honours from Elam School of Fine Arts in Auckland, lives and works in Wellington. He is also included in the book Seen this century: 100 contemporary New Zealand artists.

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Free Form installation
year: 2011