Anne Noble
The Colour of Gold 3 - 28 November 2009

At the heart of my project is a desire to disturb the way Antarctica is imagined and represented. I am not interested in recreating the kinds of photographs of Antarctica that we already know.
Anne Noble

This is an exhibition about photography and about Antarctica - about surface and depth, beauty and toxicity, about what is shown or not shown. The title plays off the connotations of gold - its beauty and its power, seduction and lure. The Latin word aurina is the source of the word urine and comes from aurum meaning the colour gold.

Anne Noble has been researching and photographing Antarctica since 2001. It is a project that has taken her to Antarctic centres all over the world in an investigation of how our knowledge of Antarctica is shaped. In 2008 she won a prestigious US National Science Foundation Artists and Writers Award to travel and work in Antarctica to complete this project. There were 97 applicants for six awards and she was the only recipient from outside the United States. The images in this exhibition come from that trip. These photographs challenge the traditional depiction of the Antarctic landscape as heroic, picturesque or sublime. With wit and warmth, they show the human presence in a continent that has never been a place of permanent human habitation. With quiet understatement, they point to the complexities in debates around the potential exploitation of the region's resources.

Bartley Company Art is proud to present this exhibition one of New Zealand's most acclaimed and respected photographers. Anne Noble has been described as "one of New Zealand photography's most subtle and poetic of practitioners" and her work as "strangely arresting and almost always profoundly moving". She is a Professor of Fine Arts (Photography) at Massey University Wellington and was awarded the New Zealand Order of Merit for her services to photography in 2003.

A range of older framed photographs by Anne Noble are also display in the back gallery.

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