Peter Trevelyan
line and plane 28 June - 22 July 2017

The work in this exhibition was produced during Peter Trevelyan's time in Whanganui as the Tylee Cottage artist in residence in the first half of this year.

A residency allows an artist time to explore, read and think. Peter has used the time to return to an in-depth exploration of the fundamentals of sculptural construction and the depiction of three-dimensional form. Thus the subject of the exhibition is the interplay between line and plane, the area where drawing becomes sculpture. The line, the essential element of drawing, is two-dimensional, the plane is a three-dimensional line.

Underpinning this investigation are ideas contained in the 1920 Realistic Manifesto written by Russian constructivist artist Naum Gabo which at its core rejected mass as a sculptural element: "We thus restore to sculpture the line as direction... This way, we affirm in sculpture depth, the unique form of space."

This exhibition contains two materials: pencil lead (line) and paper (plane) and two main "modes" of work. One is a series of "drawings" and the other a collection of small sculptures.

Peter Trevelyan graduated with a BFA from the Ilam School of Fine Arts, University of Canterbury in 2000. He completed a PhD at Massey University's School of Fine Arts in 2014. Peter has been exhibiting since 2000 and has built up an impressive exhibition history which has included several major temporary public art works. Recent public exhibitions include Above Ground, Christchurch Art Gallery (2015-16), Precarious Balance, Coca Gallery Christchurch (2016), The more you know, Adam Art Gallery, Wellington (2015), Solo, Dowse Art Museum (2014-15); The Euclid Set, Dunedin Public Art Gallery (2014); The Crystal Line, Dunedin Public Art Gallery (2014). His work is in public and private collections in New Zealand, Australia and Hong Kong.

Art is called upon to accompany man everywhere where his tireless life takes place and acts: at the workbench, at the office, at work, at rest, and at leisure; work days and holidays, at home and on the road, so that the flame of life does not go out in man.
Naum Gabo

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Drawn #1
year: 2017
media: 0.5mm graphite, paper, plastic