Windows | 23 September - 17 October 2015

The metaphor of the window has long been used to describe the way painting operates to represent the world. Here Elliot Collins is interested in representing an interior or absent landscape and playing with codes of communications, notions of perspective and what is seen and unseen.

Words have had a constant presence in it Elliot's art and here he moves beyond employing his own words to include whakatauki (Maori proverbs) to both locate and broaden perceptions of landscape. This exhibition also sees a move away from canvas and the painterly gesture to more diverse media and minimalist strategies.

Elliot is currently undertaking his PhD in Fine Arts at AUT (Auckland University of Technology). His research explores the use of words and writing in New Zealand art since the mid 20th century.

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Window as Whakatuaki installation
year: 2015
size: 595 x 202 x 10 mm
media: oil and silver leaf on board