Mary-Louise Browne and Megan Jenkinson
Double Vision 16 July - 9 August 2014

In this exhibition, sculptor of words Mary-Louise Browne is joined by her childhood friend, photographic artist Megan Jenkinson who is showing with Bartley Company Art for the first time.

Both artists are interested in issues of perception - the sensory experiences and cognitive processes involved in engagement with the visual. Both play with notions of double vision: the simultaneous perception of two images in a single object.

Mary-Louise characteristically employs pithy puns and for this exhibition she has produced works using neon and mirror glass. Four new mirror works have fun with the age-old questions of the nature of art and objecthood. Two new neon works include a new violet coloured circular work, which spelling out the word heliotrope operates on multiple levels to play with questions of language and representation.

"I am interested in blurring the boundaries between art and life and the viewer. The viewer is drawn into conversation and sometimes, as with the mirror works, into the work itself.
"Mary-Louise Browne

Megan is showing four elegant botanical panoramas. While the starting point of these works is photographic images, the pleating of the prints to create a concertina form converts the two-dimensional image into sculptural object, which demands physical navigation. As the viewer walks in front of the work and views it at different angles, the dual imagery in the work is revealed to generate an almost cinematic sense of quiet motion in the garden.

"One is able to observe the minutiae of nature as well as perceive the greater cycles of growth, life and decay. In a broader sense this work is also an attempt to deal with the problematic of the photographic instant, by subsuming the instantaneous within a greater sense of time passing."
Megan Jenkinson

Both artists went through the Elam School of Fine Arts at the University of Auckland at the same time and have gone on to exhibit nationally and internationally. Both are represented in a wide range of private and public collections. Megan is an Associate Professor of Fine Arts at the University of Auckland and this is the first time the two artists have shown together.

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Perpetual Light
year: 2014
media: Ultrachrome inkjet on Hannemühle Photorag

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