Mary-Louise Browne
Reify | 13 July - 7 August 2010

To reify is to turn abstract concepts into real objects and this is exactly what Mary-Louise Browne does in this exhibition. REIFY comprises two related bodies of works - one a series of school mottoes stitched in gold lettering on damask linen and the other, a series of ideas about representation etched on brass plaques. Her ideas grew out of an artist residency at the Taipei Artists Village in Taiwan earlier this year. There, working predominantly with Taiwanese greenstone, she explored ideas around commemoration and the memorial and souvenir and these ideas continue to play out in the new exhibition. With her daughter going to school in Taipei, she became interested in the way mottoes and maxims are employed, both aspirationally and inspirationally in east and west. Additionally, Browne says her encounter with Chinese iconography - where signs and symbols often represent ideas - led her to reading and thinking more about how things and ideas are described visually and the brass pieces are reworkings from theoretical texts and articles.

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Installation view
year: 2010