The Conversation | 28 February - 25 March 2012

The title of this exhibition is drawn from Francis Ford Coppola's 1974 film The Conversation. As the main character, a surveillance expert, is proccupied with intepreting fragments of a conversation recorded in a noisy crowded street, so too Browne presents viewers with words which on the surface are straightforward but in their connotations are ambigous and dependent on context in which they are heard.

Media as always in Browne's work is subservient to conceptual purpose and the exhibition includes works in neon, bronze and on mirror. Song, in this exhibition, is overtly seminal and provides the vehicle for the artist's ongoing investigation of the interaction of the visual arts and broader culture language and the way meaning is determined and shaped.

Browne has exhibited widely throughout New Zealand and produced several major public art commissions including the staircase Body to Soul in Wellington's Botanical Gardens and the granite bench work Byword, which runs the length of Lorne Street in Auckland.

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If these walls had eyes
year: 2012
size: 795 x 398 mm
media: sandblasted text on mirror