Elliot Collins
What I want and what I need 29 March - 21 April 2011

Bartley + Company Art is delighted to present Elliot Collins' first solo exhibition in Wellington.

For this exhibition, Collins has produced 44 small paintings and four larger ones - compound creations that combine painterly gesture with his unashamedly romantic, but also wry and, at times, witty, musings on longing and desire.

The densely hung exhibition plays with the tension between the permanent and the ephemeral, the raw and the refined, the inner and outer. All 44 small paintings start with the two words 'I want' and are set on a strongly coloured background scattered with mutli-coloured diagonal lines which appear like falling leaves ready to flutter off the canvas. The painter's brush stroke reinforces the fleeting temporality of a stream of consciousness mode of expression at odds with its representation on canvas.

'What I want and what I need' works in the mass of the exhibition to counter the artist's assertion in one painting that what he wants and what he needs are two very different things. Rather the impression is of the essential human need to daydream, to want to dream and to want to generate colour and narrative.

The exhibition is accompanied by the artist's publication: A small book consisting of far too many footnotes, which Collins has produced to expand, locate, contextualise the paintings in the exhibition.

Although 'What I want and what I need' is his first solo show in the capital, Collins work was seen in the city twice during 2010, firstly in the group show 'Words Walking' at Bartley + Company Art and then at City Gallery Wellington where he produced a major 14-metre wide installation.

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year: 2011
size: 1500 x 900 mm
media: oil on canvas

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