Hamish Coleman
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year: 2018
size: 1370 x1200 mm
media: oil on linen

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Exhibitions by Hamish Coleman
auckland art fair
catherine clayton-smith | hamish coleman | marie le lievre 23 - 27 may 2018

hamish coleman
shot silk 1 november - 2 december 2017

helen calder, hamish coleman, marie le lievre
three painters 18 november - 23 december 2015

Minimalism and representation are woven together in Hamish Coleman's shimmering and textured surfaces. Fleeting moments in cinematic frames from found film footage are rendered still and then remobilised and given new life in iridescent hues.

Image, narrative fragment, colour, seem to slip and shift, escape and reappear with the slightest twist of viewing angle. Such tensions are perfectly balanced, the cinematic made solid, and the ethereal anchored here on the best quality linen stretched onto a frame hand-made by the artist, who is also the city's most professional canvas stretcher.

Hamish graduated with a Bachelor of Fine Arts (Hons) from the Ilam School of Fine Arts at the University of Canterbury, in 2012. He has exhibited across New Zealand in a variety of artist run spaces and institutional galleries.