Marie Le Lievre
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Keeper (Sentimentals)
year: 2017
size: 640 x 640 mm
media: oil on cardboard

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Exhibitions by Marie Le Lievre
auckland art fair
catherine clayton-smith | hamish coleman | marie le lievre 23 - 27 may 2018

marie le lievre
7 february - 3 march 2018

sydney contemporary 2017
marie le lievre | roger mortimer | ann shelton 7 - 10 september 2017

marie le lievre
bulletproof falling
7 september - 1 october 2016

helen calder, hamish coleman, marie le lievre
three painters 18 november - 23 december 2015

marie le lievre
nefarious : flow state
28 may - 21 june 2014

marie le lievre
orange smoke 24 april - 19 may 2012

helen calder, marie le lievre, eileen leung, ruth thomas-edmond
four painters: travelling in the world 5 - 30 october 2010

"Le Lievre is a painter who boldly addresses paint (the limits and boundaries of the material) and painting (its processes, history, and attendant politics of gender and labour). In doing so, she produces confidently resolved paintings while leaving room to continue exploring the formal and metaphorical possibilities of each painting's trajectory." Jamie Hanton, Art New Zealand Winter 2015

John Hurrell (eyecontactsite.com) has described Marie as having an "extraordinary ability to manipulate liquid paint into mesmerising sensual surfaces on canvas".

Underlying the sumptuous depths of her surfaces and the layers of oil paint slowly built up on top of each other is an interest in disrupting notions of purity and teasing or corrupting the boundary between abstraction and figuration. Also at play is a dance between chaos and containment with paint itself allowed a performative role within parameters defined by the artist.

Marie Le Lievre completed a Master of Fine Arts with distinction at the University of Canterbury in 2008. She has exhibited throughout New Zealand and in Australia, France and Japan. Her work is in private and public collections including the University of Canterbury, Christchurch Art Gallery and Fletcher Challenge Corporation.

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