Roger Mortimer
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Exhibitions by Roger Mortimer
roger mortimer
te waha
6 - 30 may 2015

roger mortimer & sam mitchell
30 april - 24 may 2014

roger mortimer
south poetic party
26 february - 30 march 2013

roger mortimer
the messenger
24 may - 18 june 2011

words walking
words walking: mary-louise browne, elliot collins, roger mortimer, aimee-rose stephenson
2 march - 1 april 2010

roger mortimer
apocrypha new paintings
16 june - 11 july 2009

Roger Mortimer's richly lacquered paintings derive inspiration from history and legend, from medieval texts, illuminated manuscripts, religious imagery and maps. Ancient and modern collide in surprising and surreal juxtapositions of the mythical and the high tech. As tales of the Holy Grail portray quests for wisdom, so too Mortimer's paintings variously described as "elegant" and "carefully rendered jewel-like images" represent his search for a personal cosmology to make sense of contemporary global turbulence. As viewers, we are drawn into the quest to decipher the clues, codes, symbols and signs depicted in his enchanting maps of enigmatic landscapes.

Critic John Hurrell has described Mortimer's work as "an allegorical scrambling of time and geography that pushes at the limits of the human imagination.

"Not only is the work oddly surreal, varied in references and humorously startling but it is also very physical. The delicate colour glows as if the liquid translucent hues have been applied to metallic sheets. The varnish covered painted surface has a highly reflective gloss which brings a delicate but gorgeously diffuse golden quality to the light. This makes the image slightly immaterial or ethereal. " (eyecontactsite.com)

Mortimer, who has a Bachelor of Fine Arts from the University of Auckland, is included in Warwick Brown's 2009 book seen this century, which identifies 100 New Zealand artists who have come to prominence this century.