Lonnie Hutchinson
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Peek a boo
year: 2018
size: 600 x 440 mm
media: builders paper

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Exhibitions by Lonnie Hutchinson
melbourne art fair 2018
danica chappell, helen calder, lonnie hutchinson, claudia jowitt 1-5 august, 2018

lonnie hutchinson
window dressing 10 july - 11 august, 2018

andre hemer, lonnie hutchinson, kerry ann lee, sam mitchell
7 - 22 december 2016

lonnie hutchinson
once upon a time 26 august - 19 september 2015

lonnie hutchinson, monique jansen & peter trevelyan
13 august - 6 september 2014

lonnie hutchinson & sofia tekela-smith
good grief
25 september - 19 october 2013

The interplay of form, light and shadow are key ingredients in Lonnie Hutchinson's art. Working across a wide range of media including film, performance, painting, sculpture and installation, she uses the language of contemporary art to articulate a distinctively Polynesian worldview reflecting her own Samoan and Maori (Ngāi Tahu) heritage.

Spiritual and political, the work engages with issues of power relations and culture, gender and sexuality to generate conversations that are timeless, current, relevant and accessible. Her distinctive cut-out forms often employing what has come to be seen as her signature material - heavy black builders paper - capture in their play with shadow a non-materiality inherent in the Samoan notion of 'va' which Lonnie has said is central to her practice. This refers to the space between places, things and people, and connections across time.

Lonnie, who has been described as a 'trail-blazing' Pacific woman artist, has been exhibiting steadily nationally and internationally for nearly 20 years. She has been included in significant international exhibition such as Paradise Now? : Contemporary Art from the Pacific (2004), Asia Society New York and Pasifika Styles (2006-8), University of Cambridge Museum, that have served to raise awareness of Pacific artists and art in the US and UK. She has also produced several major, temporary and permanent, site-specific installations - most recently for the new justice precinct in Christchurch.

A survey show and catalogue, Black Bird: Lonnie Hutchinson 1997 - 2013, was shown at the Gus Fisher Art Gallery in Auckland and at the Dowse Art Museum in Lower Hutt in2015.

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