Andre Hemer
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year: 2017
size: 1000 x 750 mm
media: acrylic and pigment on canvas


Exhibitions by Andre Hemer
andre hemer
small paintings irl 26 april - 27 may 2017

andre hemer, lonnie hutchinson, kerry ann lee, sam mitchell
7 - 22 december 2016

andre hemer
new represenation part ii 1 april - 2 may 2015

andre hemer
stack overflow 23 october - 16 november 2013

andre hemer
swag, smushing, and nicki minaj
29 november - 22 december 2011

andre hemer
painting in 3-d 10 august - 4 september 2010

andre hemer
the bang-bang painting collective
new paintings
24 february - 21 march 2009

Andre Hemer is an artist whose work investigates the intersections between digital media, painting and the way we see and perceive the contemporary world.

While early works focused on translating computer generated imagery to hand-made painting, more recent work is about blurring the boundaries, and creating a new kind of representation. Inherent in this is an exploration of the way art speaks to the era in which it is created. This has led to a new mode of making that embraces and integrates the digital and the handmade - printed imagery from computer or scanner combined with layers of spray paint, oil, acrylic and thick impasto.

The result is a sensuous amalgam of hybrid forms of image making -- a complex and teasing interplay between flatness and three-dimensional tactility. Here documentary and a visual imaginary combine in a new romantic and material representation suggesting both Turner's skies and 'strawberry fields' where 'nothing is real'.

Hemer has worked full time as an artist since completing his Master of Fine Arts at the University of Canterbury in 2006. He has secured numerous international residencies and exhibited widely throughout New Zealand, Australia, Asia, Europe and the United States. In 2014, his work was chosen for the cover of the Thames & Hudson book, '100 Painters of Tomorrow'. In early 2015 he completed a PhD in Fine Arts at the University of Sydney. The first survey of his work - Andre Hemer: 2005 -2015 was held at the Pataka Art Museum in 2015. In 2016 he won two significant New Zealand awards, the Paramount Award in the Wallace Art Awards and an Arts Foundation New Generation Award. The Wallace Award includes a six month residency at the International Studio and Curatorial Program in New York, which he will undertake in 2017. Andre lives and works in Vienna Austria.